Vol. 28. Number 3 (September - December 2022)

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Year - 2021  Summary 27-1  Summary 27-2


Causal Attributions and Perceived Severity as Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms after a First Myocardial Infarction

Cristina Castilla, Felipe E. García and Carmelo Vázquez

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 145-152

Keys to emotional wellbeing and resilience in minors who have suffered trauma

Enrique Echeburúa and Pedro Javier Amor

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 153-159

Dysfunctional Attitudes and Long-Term Posttraumatic Growth in Victims of Terrorist Attacks

Sara Liébana, Ana Sanz-García, Rocío Fausor, María Paz García-Vera y Jesús Sanz

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 160-171

Emotional regulation, depressive symptoms, and anhedonia: The specific role of adaptive and maladaptive strategies

Sara Reyes-Martín, Esperanza García-Sancho, Juan Ramos-Cejudo, José M. Salguero

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 172-178

Self-efficacy and commitment as psychological resources to adherence to walking despite chronic pain. A study on women with fibromyalgia

Catala, Patricia; Gutierrez, Lorena; Ecija, Carmen; Peñacoba, Cecilia

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 179-185

The role of emotion regulation strategies on healthcare workers' mental health during the COVID-19

Luz Sofía Vilte, Raquel Rodríguez-Carvajal, Gonzalo Hervás

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 186-193

Posttraumatic Growth, Metacognitive Beliefs, Self-Absorption and Dysfunctional Trauma-Related Attitudes in a Sample of the Spanish General Population

José Manuel Sánchez Marqueses, Rocío Fausor, Ana Sanz-García, María Paz García-Vera & Jesús Sanz

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 194-206

Insecure attachment style and child maltreatment: relations to aggression in men convicted of intimate partner violence

Iria de la Osa Subtil, Pedro Vicente Mateo Fernández, Andrés Arias Astray

Ansiedad y Estrés, 2022, 28(3), 207-213