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Anxiety & Stress is a QUARTERLY multidisciplinary journal that has published scientific articles on anxiety, stress and other related topics since 1994. It is indexed in the Web of Sciences and in Scopus (ISSN: 1134-7937).

Anxiety and Stress is the official publication of the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS) and since 2016 it has been co-edited by the Official College of Psychology of Madrid (COP-M).

It is a specialized journal that mainly publishes quality empirical studies, although it does include some systematic review of the literature or commissioned theoretical works. Before being published, all articles are subjected to a rigorous double-masked review (double blind), carried out by two or more anonymous expert reviewers (peer reviewers), highly qualified in the area of the article, whose work is publicly acknowledged in Publons.


about us


Anxiety & Stress is indexed on the Web of Sciences and Scopus. As well as in Academic Search Premier, Fuente Academica Plus, Psicodoc, Psycinfo and DIALNET, among others.

On the Web of Sciences it is included in ESCI - Emerging Sources Citation Index

In Scopus and SJR it is included in the Applied Psychology (Q3), Psychiatry and Mental Health (Q3) and Social Psychology (Q3) groups. CiteScore 2019: 1.1. CiteScoreTracker 2020, February: 1.5.

The management of submissions of new articles for publication is done through the Editorial Manager platform in APA format, 7th edition.

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Vol. 30. Number 1 (January - April 2024)

Social Support and Satisfaction with Life among Portuguese Prison Officers: The Mediating Effect of Anxiety

Bibiana Monteiro, Vítor Costa, and Monteiro

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 1-7

A comparative study among adolescents with cystic fibrosis and primary ciliary dyskinesia and their caregivers: psychological aspects

Selene Valero-Moreno, Inmaculada Montoya-Castilla & Marián Pérez-Marín

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 8-16

Validation of the Montreal Pain and Affective Face Clips (MPAFC): The role of sex and participants' pain status

Elena Robles, Carmelo Vazquez

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 17-26

Effect of a cognitive-behavioral intervention on caregivers of children with ASD: depression, anxiety, stress, and quality of life

Lisbeth Vázquez-Rocha, Roberto Lagunes-Córdoba, Abel Lerma-Talamantes, José M. Mestre, Francisco Javier Rosas-Santiago

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 27-34

Interoception moderates the association between alexithymia and anxiety symptoms

Maragda Puigcerver, Francisco Molins, Mireia Molins and Miguel Ángel Serrano

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 35-39

The Effect of Technology in the Workplace: Consequences of Technostress on Mental Health

Celestino González-Fernández, Eva Garrosa and Luis Manuel Blanco-Donoso

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1), 40-48

Rumination, gratitude, and positive and negative affect as predictors of posttraumatic growth in COVID-19 bereaved persons

Lucía Quezada Berumen, Alma de la Garza Samaniego

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2024), 30(1),













Year - 2023  Summary 29-1  Summary 29-2  Summary 29-3

Year - 2022  Summary 28-1  Summary 28-2  Summary 28-3

Vol. 29. Number 3 (September - December 2023)


Fostering student participation through Dialogic Pedagogical Gatherings to face anxiety toward English (L2) learning

Nerea Gutiérrez-Fernández, Lourdes Villardón-Gallego, Aitana Fernández-Villardón y Maite Santiago-Garabieta

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 130-136

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder after the first wave of the Pandemic in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients and Health Professionals in a Front-line Spanish Tertiary Hospital: a retrospective observational study

Irene Rodrigo Holgado, Carolina Elisa Combarro Ripoll, Alba Juanes González, María Jesús Del Yerro, Sara Solera Mena, Gabriel Rubio, and Juan D. Molina

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 137-143

Exploring the relationship between somatizations, anxiety and emotional regulation. The mediating effect of maladaptive strategies

Gabriel Esteller Collado, María Carpallo González, Roger Muñoz Navarro

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 145-152

Predictive factors of the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on university students: a study in six Ibero-American countries

María Paola Jiménez-Villamizar, Anna Muro-Rodríguez, José-Blas Navarro, Meritxell Carmona-Cervelló, Ramon Cladellas, Albert Feliu-Soler, Elvira Reche-Camba, Daniel López-Fernández, Jorge Luis Méndez- Ulrich, Clara Selva and Antoni Sanz

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 153-162

Evolution of the search trend in Spain for the terms "Anxiety", "Depression" and "Suicide" between 2019 and 2022: Before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Fernando Gordillo, José M. Arana, Juan José García Meilán, Miguel Ángel Pérez

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 163-174

Short-term effects and adherence to the practice of different meditation modalities in mindfulness-based interventions

Myriam Cátedra, Carolina Marín-Martín, and Gonzalo Hervas

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 175-180

Negative Social Comparison: The Influence of Anxiety, Emotional Regulation and Problematic Use of Social Media

Adrian Díaz-Moreno, Iván Bonilla y Andrés Chamarro

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(3), 181-186

Vol. 29. Number 2 (May - August 2023)


Parental Stress in Families with Children with Early Intervention Needs linked to Socio-Environmental Vulnerability

Encarnación Hernández Pérez, José Antonio Rabadán Rubio(b

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 71-77

Psychometric study of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI-SS) in the Ecuadorian university context

Marcos Zumárraga-Espinosa, Gabriela Cevallos-Pozo/p>

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 78-87

Precompetitive anxiety and psychological skills in sports performance

Brais Seco Terrón y María de la Villa Moral Jiménez

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 88-93

How to evaluate coping strategies for stressful situations? Validation of the CSI in a Spanish university population

Ana Dorado Barbé, David González Casas, José Luis Gálvez Nieto(b

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 94-100

Psychometric properties of the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for Adults (CASO) in Dominican population

Zoilo Emilio García-Batista, Kiero Guerra-Peña, Antonio Cano-Vindel, Lucas Lapuente, Leonardo A. Medrano

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 101-106

Design and validation of a questionnaire for the detection of child sexual abuse in adults with addiction

Sonia Franco Jaén, F. Javier del Río, Jose Manuel Rodríguez González, Antonio Daniel García-Rojas

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 107-114

Stress and cognition: psychometric properties of the Perceived Stress Scale and associations with cognitive functioning, prefrontal symptoms, and cognitive complaints

Margarita Cancino, Oscar Terán-Mendoza

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 115-123

Anxiety and Depression in a Sample of Military and Civilian Musicians

Sonia Ferrer Flor, Carlos Villoria López, José Antonio Molina-Peral

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(2), 124-129

Vol. 29. Number 1 (January - April 2023)


Factor structure and reliability of the Lasher and Faulkender's Anxiety about Aging Scale in Mexican adults

Humberto Blanco, José René Blanco, Perla Jannet Jurado-García, Martha Ornelas, Carolina Jiménez-Lira, Susana Ivonne Aguirre

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 1-9

Presence and predictors of suicide ideation in a clinical outpatient context

Elena Huguet Cuadrado, Ignacio Fernández-Arias, Cristina Larroy García

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 10-17

Psychometric properties of the University of California Los Angeles Loneliness Scale version 3: the European Portuguese version

Ananda Zeas-Sigüenza, Sara Oliveira, Cláudia Ferreira, Ana Ganho-Ávila, Paula Vagos, Pablo Ruisoto

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 18-26

Anxiety and Depression in adolescents victims of Bullying after COVID-19 confinement. Longitudinal Study

M. Isabel Gómez-León

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 27-33

Study of the relationship between motivation towards physical activity and its relationship with anxiety and self-concept in the educational setting. A systematic review

Melguizo-Ibáñez, E.; Zurita-Ortega, F.; Ubago-Jiménez, J.L. & González-Valero, G.

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 34-44

Efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions to reduce academic stress in higher education students: a systematic review

Pablo Chust-Hernández, Emelina López-González, Joan Maria Senent-Sánchez

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 45-62

Mental Health and their relationship with physical activity and emotional regulation strategies in Spanish adolescents

María Trinidad Sánchez-Núñez; Gloria Alfaro Portero; Noelia García-Rubio; Pablo Fernández-Berrocal

Ansiedad y Estrés, (2023), 29(1), 63-70


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