Volumen 1

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Ansiedad y Estrés (1995), 1(1), 1-111

Francisco Martínez Sánchez Editorial process and peer review standards of the journal "Ansiedad y Estrés"
Manuel Gutiérrez Calvo and Michael W. Eysenck Interpretative Bias in Test Anxiety
F. Xavier Borràs Psychoneuroimmunology: psychological stress effects on the immune function in healthy
Juan J. Miguel-Tobal and Antonio Cano-Vindel Differential profiles in anxiety disorders
Agustín Bayot and Antonio Capafons Smoking, stress and relapse prevention in smoking cessation programme
J.M. Muñoz Céspedes and Itziar Iruarrizaga Díez Emotional disorders in Traumatic Brain Injury
Carlos Fernández Frias, Mª Dolores Martín Díaz and Francisco Miguel Tobal Dental fear, anxiety and phobia: I. Definitions, prevalence and antecedents

Investigation Report

Rosario Rodríguez Saavedra and Antonio Cano-Vindel Dental phobia acquisition and anxiety response patterns


Ansiedad y Estrés (1995), 1(2-3), 113-285

Juan Merín Reig, Antonio Cano-Vindel and Juan J. Miguel-Tobal Occupational Stress: Theoretical Back-ground and Intervention Framework
113 - 130
Susana Rubio Valdehita, Jesús Martín García and Eva Mª Díaz Ramiro Mental load and stress: two related concepts
131 - 139
Vicente González-Romá, Ana Hernández, José Mª Peiró and Pilar Muñoz Role stress and risk clues of cardiovascular disease
141 - 156
Alicia Salvador and Esperanza Gonzalez-Bono Work stress partnership psychophysiological disorders
157 - 171
Jesús Martín García, Eva Mª Díaz Ramiro and Susana Rubio Valdehita Toward a model of specific selection for shift-work employees
173 - 187
Begoña Olabarría The burnout syndrome or the careless helping worker
189 - 194
José Buendía Vidal and Antonio Riquelme Burnout, stress factors and locus of control in a group of prision guards
195 - 218
Mª Jesús González An occupational stress assessment and its psychological effects
205 - 218
Mariano García Izquierdo Measuring burnout reliability, factors structure and validity of EPB
219 - 229
Jose Mª Peiró, Vicente González-Romá, Mª Jesús Bravo and Rosario Zurriaga The job satisfaction measurement
231 - 253
Bernardo Moreno and Cecilia Peñacoba Prevention and control of stress at work
255 - 264
Abel Mínguez Intervention programmes in the treatment stress in organizational settings
265 - 276
Agustín Arias González and Raúl Sampedro Stress and motion sickness in flying training. Management program applied to Air Force Academy cadets'
277 - 285